Airchat is co-founded by Naval Ravikant (founder of AngelList) and Brian Norgard (former CPO at Tinder). We are backed by the likes of Sam Altman (of OpenAI) and Peter Thiel. Our engineering team boasts of entrepreneurial self-starters, originating from Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, MIT, Twitter, Airbnb, and AngelList. Airchat is an audio-based social network building the best way for people to engage in conversations online. We’re leveraging cutting-edge AI, with features like on-device whisper (transcriptions), and voice-to-image generation.

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Open Roles

Senior Backend Engineer

Android Engineer

iOS Engineer

Evergreen Preferred Qualities

Passionate about new technologies and constantly updating skills.

Real-world experience that outweighs traditional educational backgrounds.

Enthusiastic about joining a fast-paced, innovative environment.